Get the Best Bonuses at a New Casino in 2021

When anyone has managed to find a new casino online in 2021, one of the big determining factors is what kind of bonus is going to be offered. We know that finding a casino bonus is an important aspect of any new casino and we understand why. It’s important to get an online casino offering a great bonus, but also ensuring the bonus is usable and not hidden behind a wall of terms and conditions.

Our online casino experts like to check out online casinos both new and old and experience these bonuses for themselves. There’s nothing quite like finding an online casino that you really enjoy playing at that gives you the chance to increase your real money bankroll with a bonus, that’s why we do what we do. The team of experts at won’t find you the casinos with the biggest bonuses but will find you the ones with the best bonuses possible.

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What is an Online Casino Bonus

An online casino bonus is one of the most attractive things about playing at an online casino. It’s essentially the casino giving the player free money to play online, with the ability to claim real money back in return. The casino bonuses in question will usually need players to make a few initial deposits first before they can claim them, but once they’ve been claimed, bankrolls will be double or even tripled depending on where you play.

With each online casino bonus, there are a few terms and conditions that players will need to abide by. These are known as the wagering or playthrough requirements, we cover these later on this page.

Learning About Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses aren’t actually offered at land-based casinos, so online casinos truly have them beat when it comes to attracting customers. With any new online casinos, they’ll likely have massive bonuses for players too. It’s important to understand the different types of bonuses that are on offer though, so here’s a brief explanation of what you can expect:

Welcome Bonus or Promotion

Any new player that signs up at a casino will be entitled to claim a welcome bonus. These are usually spread out amongst a few deposits and can be claimed just once for each new customer. The reason for this is that they are likely rather large, and the casino will only want to offer it once.

Reload Bonuses

These are the kinds of bonuses that established casinos will give out. They are usually the types of bonuses that apply to players who play daily or weekly and will give added benefits for depositing on a certain day, or offering free spins on new slots.


Those players that are part of an online casino already can invite their friends and in doing so, earn both of them a small bonus that can be used and claimed as real money to be bet at the site.

Free Spins

Some online casinos will use free spins as another way of promoting new slots and their casino. They’ll often come together with another bonus such as a reload bonus or welcome bonus and will usually only apply to a promotional slot.

No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos will sometimes offer players a small sum of money to play at their site for free. There will be no need to deposit any money and will usually only require a sign up. The catch with these is that the maximum cash out value is pretty low so if you do win, you’re not able to withdraw all your winnings.

How is an Online Casino Bonus Calculated?

Usually, an online casino bonus, especially one that is given to any player at the start of their casino journey is a multiple of their initial deposit amount. This can be anywhere between 25% and 300%, and it refers to the amount of money that you’ll get from the casino that goes into your bankroll. Now, bear in mind, the money you receive isn’t free money or anything like that, it comes with its own set of terms and conditions.

In an example where an online casino requires a minimum deposit of $20, and offer a 100% matched deposit bonus. Any player who deposits the minimum qualifying amount of $20, will then get an additional $20 back from the casino, making their overall bankroll $40. This usually qualifies up to a certain amount and will sometimes be in the thousands of dollars.

What to look out for in these situations is the minimum and maximum amount deposit that is required, and then of course, the percentage that is matched. From there, wagering requirements and playthrough requirements become the conversation piece.

Understanding a Wagering Requirement

These bonuses will always come with wagering requirements unless specifically mentioned, but for the most part, they’ll all have some fine print attached to them. Usually, a wagering requirement will be a multiple, something like 50x. It means that when you put money in and get a deposit out, you’ll need to wager that deposit fifty times over because you’re able to pull your real money winnings out of the casino.

If you’re thinking that sounds way too strict, then don’t stress. It’s not as bad as it sounds! It takes into account your wins and your losses and when you’ve got such a big bankroll, playing for a long period of time will cover it rather fast, so players may be surprised with just how quickly they reach the wagering requirement.

Certain online casinos will also decide how much certain games are worth in the wagering process. Something like video poker may only be worth half what other games are worth when counting towards the requirement, while some might be even higher.

Benefits of Expanding Your Bankroll

People often wonder why it’s important to have a big bankroll, and in all honesty, it’s not the most important thing, but it’s definitely helpful. Having better bankroll management can be a saving grace for anyone playing at an online casino because it allows players to play for longer and enjoy their experience.

With an online casino bonus, the bankroll that you have will determine how long you play for and what kind of games you play. It’s by far one of the biggest benefits to claiming an online casino bonus.

The Fine Print of Each Casino Bonus

Every online casino bonus will be different each and every time. Some of them will require you to only play slots, some of them will say that you can play any game, but certain table games only count 25% towards your wagering requirement. It all depends on what the casino is wanting to achieve with their bonuses.

We’ll often look for an online casino and bonus that has a fair wagering requirement so that players don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just clearing their bonus before they can withdraw real money winnings. Players should also bear in mind that some casino bonus codes will expire after a certain time, and that there may be certain codes to enter, games included or excluded, and whether or not someone is eligible to claim the bonus based on location, or whether they are a newcomer.

The fine print may not matter if you’re winning a few hundred dollars, but if you do happen to win a big jackpot, rest assured, you’re details will be checked over with a fine-tooth comb.


We will always advise players to claim their online casino bonuses whenever they can. The money is a helpful way to expand your bankroll, extending your play time and giving you a far better experience whenever you play. Stick to bonuses that have smaller wagering requirements and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online casino bonus?

An online casino bonus is extra money that a casino gives to a player just as a way of thanking them for playing at their online casino. Usually, players will need to deposit money at the casino first in order to get a bonus.

What is the point to an online casino bonus?

The point of an online casino bonus from the casino point of view, is to get players playing at their site, and hopefully keeping them there with added benefits. For the player, it’s to add to your bankroll so that you can play your favorite games for longer.

How is an online casino bonus claimed?

Most online casinos will ask players to type in some type of casino bonus coupon so that they can claim it as soon as they sign up. Other online casinos will request that players speak to the cashier to get the process done and dusted.

Can I claim multiple bonuses?

You cannot claim multiple welcome bonuses, and usually online casinos will make sure that players only claim one bonus at a time. You can, however, claim multiple bonuses at the same casino over time if they offer bonuses to existing customers, as many popular casinos do.